Hores and Pony books are either the font of all knowledge or a problem solving guide for the average equestrian.

We all enjoy reading books on our favorite subject horses or ponies, indeed their are books that debate the subject a pony is better than a horse or vice versa! The most usefull of books are the ones that are relevant to the problems you are having, or to take you to the next level of your training.

On this site we aim to offer a wide selection of books to help you do just that, so if your interest is dressage, we have a dressage section, we cater for the showjumping enthusiast, the three day eventing enthusiast, the showing fan or the happy hacker. We even have a section for stories of your favorite subject horses!! and not forgetting the ponies.

You can learn so much from books about horses and ponies that will save you many hours of frustration on horseback, someone will have written about horse problems, that will enable you to learn and ride with confidence.

Riding Horses, breeding, mare & foal care, feeding, nutrition & hay production, pastures & fencing, health care, holistic care, stallions, stud selection, stable & barn management, horse shows, 4-H, hunter/jumpers, dressage, show preparation, grooming, construction of stables & barns, courses & jumps, show results, reining, trail riding, western riding, horse training, eventing, driving, schooling, farriers & horseshoes, heavy horses, wagon & carriage riding, ponies, colts, yearlings, ranch horses, tack, saddles, halters, harnesses, leatherwork, helmets, chaps, breeches, boots, vet supplies, summer camps, clinics, trailers & trailering, Can all be found here.